Hi!  We’re Jamie and Scotty and together, we’re the Simplists…

So why is “simplest” spelled wrong?

It was our desperate attempt at a pun.  Simple + list = simplist…

Get it?

Cheesy, we know, but I hope you’ll continue to love us anyway.

We started The Simplist Life because Jamie is a huge researcher, planner, and list maker.  Scotty is just trying to contain her lists and suggested she put them somewhere other than all over the counters, car, floor, … you get the picture.

If there is a problem to be solved or a list to be made, you’ll find it here.

We really want you to find our lists useful and are completely open to doing the work for you!  Is there something you’re in search of?  Bullet journal inspiration?  Motivational quotes?  Healthy chicken recipes?  Just drop us a line and you’ll start to see a lot more of what you’re looking for in your own life here on the Simplist Life.

We want to help you live the simplest life possible – simplist life possible.  You know what we mean.

Thanks for making your way here!  E-mail us anytime at thesimplistlife@gmail.com and comment on the posts.  We love to hear from you and hope you’ll keep in touch!

Jamie and Scotty